No other horse boarding facilities offer the convenience and trail-riding experience that KRISTULL Ranch offers its clients.

Every sunny day brings lots of activity to the Ranch. Groups of our boarders routinely meet for trail rides into the Park.

Spare paddocks are used as arenas for training, practice, and sport. Jumps are set up and bending poles and barrels round out the fun. Visitors are frequently treated to the cavorting of our three miniature horse boarders and Spring foals.

A round pen is available for workouts and training sessions. And a small bar-b-que area serves as a meeting place for evening activity. (Kristull recently hosted a Memorial Celebration for 2013 Onion Creek equine flood victims with live music, bar-b-que and all the fixin's.)

Many boarders are skilled in the art of natural horsemanship and our on-site personnel are also skilled horse trainers. They can frequently help with horse problems and horse training issues. Private horse training instruction is available during the warm weather months. On-staff and visiting trainers offer lessons and training instruction for horses and problem horses.

We encourage barefoot riding, and both Francie and Chuck are accredited Strasser Trimming experts. Many horses who have stayed at the Kristull have been saved from euthanasia because of excellent foot rehabilitation at the Ranch. We also have an excellent and educated farrier who knows the ins and outs of foot care and trimming as well as shoeing and who pays a visit to the Ranch about every 4 weeks.