LadyBird: Missouri Foxtrotter Mare

SOLD Named after another famous, independent woman, LadyBird is a 10 year old, naturally gaited, Missouri Foxtrotter who wants a horse-crazy companion. She loads in a trailer like she was born there.

Lady was made for miles. She is unhappy doing a lot of arena work, but she has spent many hours on the trail. A novice to intermediate rider can enjoy her smooth, gaited ride day after day. She is a confident leader, and has been on the trails alone many times. She has been on overnight rides with the Texas Equine Trail Riders Association group. She can be ridden English or western, and neck reins as well as direct rein.

Lady is not particularly friendly with other horses, preferring to have all of the attention for herself. She is an affectionate horse and would love a friend who will spend a lot of time with her.

She is a flea-bitten grey with underlying paint markings that are not really visible unless she is wet. (see the pictures of her during a bath)

She is built four-square and solid. Natural gaited movement. We have not fine-tuned her gait (she sometimes lapses into a pace), but it is smooth and comfortable. She has a thick, showy mane and tail. Her feet are unshod, wide at the heel and very healthy. She just had her teeth floated. She is sound through and through.


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