Kristull Tarrani: Rare Registered Caspian Stallion

DOB: 06/01/2004 (Eastern Jehani x Shepton Tarraneh)

SOLD Not a pony, but a horse, Kristull Tarrani is a rare Caspian Stallion (Endangered Species). These small horses posses agility, trainability, spirit and heart. Their jumping talent is no less than extraordinary as it excels with ease and proves a born jumper. The effortlessness with which the Caspian jumps race obstacles has won it numerous awards in the show ring and makes it an invaluable mount to the young, first-time competitor.

Tarrani, himself, is a classic Thoroughbred type Caspian. He exudes presence and attitude. He is double registered with CHSA and CRS and is a licensed stallion. Floating trot. Gentle disposition.

Tarrani has been left a stallion due to his illustrious pedigree. He is a proven sire of beautiful Caspian babies and will continue to produce them if his new owner's desire. Terrani's pedigree does not contain Forstals Barewa. Crossed with small horses, Caspians add class, trainability, and agility to the resulting larger pony offspring.

While we recommend gelding for pleasure riding, Caspian stallions run together at pasture without meanness or unruliness, and stallions are successfully ridden by 5 year-old children. They are very spirited, sociable creatures, which make fast friends with their owners. Caspians are routinely gelded later in life after their breeding years, and given a job, which they relish. They excel at every discipline from racing and jumping to gymkhanas, hunting and harness. We have found that there is nothing that a Caspian can not do well and sensibly. They are intelligent and willing beyond any "pony". They love to be loved, and are more like dogs than horses when it comes to companionship and learning.

Without the clumsiness and heaviness of a pony, the Caspian, a true horse, can provide all of the precise control and opportunity for a child that only an experienced adult on a large horse enjoys. It's calm, willing temperament gives young riders confidence. The elegant appearance and gait of the Caspian attracts favorable attention in the show ring.

Tarrani is gentle and manageable on the ground. He is easy to groom, his feet have never seen shoes and are strong with wide heels. He has great lateral flexion, turns on the fore, lunges gently and obediently, and backs up out of your space when asked. He has been tacked and desensitized to tack distractions (see pictures). We have put full weight into stirrups and across his back, but he has not yet been actually backed. He stands 12H. He will make a wonderful mount for a serious child or adolescent who wants a show pony or companion.

He is a rare jewel. A horse like this would never be offered for sale if his owner were not ill and needs to sell. We want him to go to just the right home where his potential can be realized.


If you wish to have his training continued under saddle, we can recommend (by private treaty) an experienced trainer to carry him forward.

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